Whitaker Brothers Gallon Kit for Auto Oilers + 2 Gallons of Oil (Hanging Style Bracket)

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This kit contains two one-gallon jugs of premium, high-quality shredder oil plus all the components needed to convert your shredder's automatic oiler.

Product Info

While many of our most popular shredders already come with an automatic oiler, this simple to install kit makes this convenient feature even better. In just a few easy steps your shredder's automatic oiler will be able to accept gallon jugs of our premium, Whitaker Brothers shredder oil. These gallon jugs are not only more economical but save the time and trouble of having to constantly replace smaller pint size bottles. Using fewer bottles reduces waste, making it a greener option as well. This kit includes 2 gallons of our high quality shredder oil along with all the components you need to upgrade your shredder.

This kit is compatible with the following shredders: *

  • MBM 2502
  • MBM 2603
  • MBM 2604
  • MBM 2605
  • MBM 3803
  • MBM 3804
  • MBM 4002
  • Martin Yale 402
  • Martin Yale 502

*Compatible with most other shredders w/ detachable heads not listed above. Please contact us for any compatible questions.