Shredder Supplies

Supplies for Destroyit Paper Shredders

Shredder Oil: Shredder oil is one of the most important aspects of shredder maintenance. A well-oiled shredder is less likely to have paper jams and more prone to shredding at its top sheet capacity and keeping the cutting shafts in good shape. Our shredder oil is a specially mixed non-detergent, high-cling oil designed to preserve and extend the life of your shredder. Regular use with cross cut shredders is recommended to clear away paper dust and debris from the cutting head for optimum shredding. Available are smaller bottles for oiling by hand as well as larger containers that work well with automatic oil injection systems.

Shred Bags: Made from high quality 2-4 mm plastic, our shredder bags are custom made for our shredders. They come in a wide variety of sizes and are cost efficient. Most importantly, they make shredder clean-up extremely easy! There are bags made to fit every shredder we sell.

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