Cross Cut Shredder

MBM Destroyit cross cut shredders are made from solid German steel, making their shredders leaders in strength and durability. Paper in cross cut shredders is cut both horizontally and vertically, adding an extra level of security, unlike single cutting action of strip cut shredders. 

Destroyit’s cross cut paper shredders meet security levels 3 and 4 guidelines under the DIN 32 757 standard. The shred produced in cross cut shredders is considerably smaller and more condensed than that of strip cut shredders. Comparatively, the shred bin can hold up to 5 times as much shred volume in cross cut shred than it can of strip cut shred.

 Many Destroyit cross cut shredders come standard with Destroyit’s signature features:

Most cross cut shredders also come equipped with a factory-installed automatic oiler, ensuring that the shredders will always perform at their best.  Another user centric feature is Destroyit’s “SPS” (Safety Protection System) featuring the transparent protective shield over the feed opening, and the “Easy Switch,” that not only displays operational status but also allows for emergency power cut-off or feed reversal. In addition, all shredders have automatic start and stop controlled buy automatic photo eye sensors. They also come with extra protection against overheating for continuous duty shredding. To show MBM’s supreme confidence in quality, the cutting shafts in every model of Destroyit cross cut shredders come with their lifetime warranty.


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