Level 6 Super Micro Cut Shredder

MBM Destroyit High Security shredders are signified by SMC (Super Micro Cut) and are made from the ground up to handle the strictest security requirements, including level 6 paper destruction. Security is more vital than ever, and Destroyit’s line of level 6 high security shredders go above and beyond to ensure the unparalleled security to its users. The level 6 shredders are approved by NSA/CSS and follow all requirements under DIN 32 757. Destroyit’s high security shredders come in a variety of sizes and specs, with feed capacities ranging between 6 and 16 sheets and throat sizes between 9 ½ and 16”, making it easy to find a shredder with the specifications needed. Also, many of the high security shredders come with an automatic internal oiler, ensuring optimum shredding performance while eliminating the need to manually oil.

Destroyit High Security SMC shredders use innovative features and renowned quality to provide highest level of protection to its customers. Level 6 shredding is the most efficient way to destroy sensitive papers and Destroyit is able to provide federal government agencies, Department of Defense contractors and even the military with the tools needed to destroy important information. The Super Micro Cut’s particle sizes measure mere millimeters and are so small, they exceed all security regulations for shredding paper.

In addition to all of the qualities that set high security shredders apart from strip cut or cross cut models, there are a lot of features that they all have in common. Unique to Destroyit is the “SPS” (Safety Protection System) which features an electronically controlled shield over the feed opening for safer use. Also, they have the “Easy Switch,” a large button that can be quickly pressed in the event of an emergency to reverse the feed or completely shut it off. It also has icons indicating paper jam, door open or shred bag full. Another special feature unique to Destroyit is the “ESM” (Energy Saving Mode) that kicks in when the shredder goes unused for an hour, reducing the amount of electricity the machine uses. Destroyit SMC high security shredders feature double protection against overheating as well as automatic start and stop via photo cell.

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