Strip Cut Shredder

MBM Destroyit strip cut shredders are ideal for frequent use and require much less maintenance than most other cut sizes. Often working at a much more efficient rate than both cross cut and high security models, Destroyit strip cut paper shredders are extremely fast and can handle larger paper loads at a time. We even carry Destroyit strip cut models that come with maximum feed capacity of over 50 sheets. Destroyit’s strip cut shredders cut paper vertically into long strips whose width varies depending on the shredder and meet the level 2 security requirements set by DIN 32 757. The hardened steel cutting shafts are capable of cutting through staples, paper clips and even credit cards.  MBM is so confident in their quality, all Destroyit paper shredder cutting shafts, even the strip cut models, come with a lifetime warranty.

Every Destroyit strip cut paper shredder comes with double protection against overheating as well as automatic start and stop, controlled via photo cell. All strip cut shredders are as environmentally friendly as possible, with almost all of the shredders featuring “ESM” (Energy Saving Mode) where the machine turns off after an hour of inactivity so as not to waste electricity. Be sure to ask us about Destroyit’s “SPS” (Safety Protection System) which features a transparent shield covering the feed opening and making shredding safer than ever.  For greater capacity while still meeting security standards, an MBM Destroyit strip cut shredder can be the perfect tool for your office.

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