Why Your Office Paper Shredder Should Be NSA-Approved

Why Your Office Paper Shredder Should Be NSA-Approved

If you're buying an office paper shredder, you need the best security. Here are some important reasons why your shredder should be NSA-approved.

If you are operating a business that deals with people's personal information, they are trusting you with their lives. This is a huge honor as they could easily conduct their business elsewhere.

This huge honor doesn't come for free. In fact, it is paired with a great sense of responsibility to your clients as well as your company to ensure security and a good reputation.

This is where an office paper shredder comes into play. There are many styles, types, and grades to consider. However, there is only one that meets security requirements for the NSA.

Keep reading to find out what type of shredder we're talking about!

Standard Office Paper Shredders

Crosscut shredders are okay for documents and information that are somewhat sensitive. Using these is a good way to get rid of many documents that aren't too sensitive.

Crosscut shredders cut vertically and horizontally which make it safer to use than a strip shredder. These do meet certain levels of security. And they are effective, but they do not meet all criteria by the NSA.

Strip cut shredders are slightly less secure than crosscut and are ideal for projects that aren't top secret. They also can shred at a higher volume because they aren't cutting paper into such small pieces.

Level 6 Shredders

Level 6 shredders, also known as High-Security shredders or NSA-Approved shredders, are the machines you need for extremely sensitive documents.

These shredders have been approved by the NSA because of how small the cut patterns are once files are put through. These standards basically ensure that the document is impossible to put back together.

In addition to shredding paper and documents, many of these highly rated shredders can also take on staples or paperclips left behind. They can even safely shred old credit cards.

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Video of How a Level 6 Destroyit 2605 SMC Security Shredder work

Why Get One?

First, if you are required to have a Level 6 shredder, get one. It's the law because it is protecting your customers, clients, or patients.

Next, even if you're not mandated, it is still a good idea for the peace of mind that comes with it. With a Level 6 office paper shredder, anything fed through will basically turn to a fine dust.

No one will ever be able to piece it back together. This includes disgruntled employees, nosey clients, or people with bad intentions.

Of course, other shredders may suffice, and something is always better than nothing. But people will appreciate the level of care shown for their information.

A Word to the Wise

Many offices consider using a paper shredding service to get rid of sensitive information. In theory, this works and is good because no one is on the clock shredding documents a few at a time.

You should note that a shredding service may save time, but it can cost you both monetarily and in people's trust. You see, there isn't much to ensure their employees don't dig through files and take what they want.

This is why doing it yourself with an office paper shredder is always better. And the best way to shred is with a High-Security Shredder.

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