Why Your Business Should Invest in a Micro Cut Shredder

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Micro Cut Shredder

How do you deal with old paper documents in your office space? How do you guarantee customers that confidential information is safe from theft?

The answer lies with owning a micro cut shredder.

Most shredders cut paper documents into long strips. This one pulverizes them into dust. It does take a little longer to shred papers but it can benefit your company in more ways than one.

How can that help your business? Here are three key reasons why you should get a shredder and how it can help:

Better Security

In 2016, identity theft accounted for $16 billion stolen from 15.4 million consumers around the country. One of your business' priorities is to protect the confidential information of your clients and you can achieve this with a micro cut shredder.

Cross cutters are fine but meticulous and patient thieves will take the time to piece those strips back together. With a micro cut shredder, you'll shred confidential documents into a fine, pulpy material.

This also guarantees your office abides rules set by the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC states that every business pulverizes, burn, or shred paper with customer information for optimal security.

Cut Down Storage Costs

Storage expenses pile up faster than you'd think. You can cut down these costs by shredding documents you no longer need. This includes getting rid of paper documents you can transfer to a digital format and documents too old to be relevant.

This also gets rid of the clutter on people's desks. With less clutter, you save time whenever you look for important documents. You can now use your folders only for the documents you need.

People perform faster and better when the office is tidy and organized this way. Keeping your workspace tidy is a mental exercise that promotes better production. It also prevents other employees from creating a mess since they'll get ashamed of littering when the environment is neat and clean.

You also get to prioritize documents you need and use on a regular basis. Everything is easy to find, labeled, and there's nothing out of place since you shredded all unnecessary papers.

Help the Environment

A shredder will promote a positive message about your company too. You can use the paper shreds for all sorts of recycling purposes. Some of these include:

  • Making paper art
  • Using shreds for compost pits
  • Crafting sachets with essential oils
  • Making recycled paper sheets

You can paint an eco-friendly profile for your company by promoting these. It all starts by getting a shredder and getting rid of the paper wasting in a corner or on top of an old desk.

Get the Best Micro Cut Shredder Now

If you want to abide the law, protect your customers, maintain an eco-friendly image, and boost production then don't waste another minute! Get a micro cut shredder and watch it change your workspace before your very eyes.

Not sure which shredder fits your office's needs? Feel free to contact us any time and we can help you pick the best shredder or learn about other ways it can benefit your business.