Why You Should Never Buy a Used Office Shredder

Why You Should Never Buy a Used Office Shredder

So, your old office shredder has officially bit the dust.

You know that you need to replace it as soon as possible, but you're thinking about cutting corners and buying a used model.

You might think that buying a used shredder will save you money and do just as good of a job as a new model.

However, buying used can come with some serious consequences -- not to mention expenses and even potential security threats. Read on to learn why it's never a smart idea to buy a used office shredder for your business.

We'll also tell you about the features that you need to look for in a new shredder.

It's Easy To Get Duped

We know that it's hard to beat the convenience of buying online.

You might feel like you have more options, and that you'll be able to get top-quality shredders for far less money.

But anyone can make an office shredder -- or pretty much any other product -- look its best online.

Shady sellers can take photos from angles that hide scratches, marks, and dents. They can withhold information about the shredder you're considering buying, like how old it is, how well it works, and when they last replaced its parts.

You also won't have any idea about the features of the shredder. Can it hold the amount of paper you'll need to shred? How loud is it? Is it an environmentally-friendly model?

Some people may even try to sell you an office shredder that doesn't even work anymore.

So, before you start browsing those online forums, think about how much money you could end up wasting.

You can still experience the convenience of buying online.

Instead, just buy from a reputable seller that clearly lists all the features and the specs of the shredder on its website. Be sure to keep your eye out for products on sale.

The Previous Owner May Not Have Cared For It

Taking care of an office shredder is simple, can help to prevent future jams, and keeps your office running on schedule.

But let's be honest here: how much love did you show your old office shredder? Did you really follow all the instructions, clean it regularly, and inspect it thoroughly?

Chances are the person trying to sell you a used office shredder didn't, either.

It's far more likely that they stuffed it full of paper, failed to oil it frequently, and over-worked it.

All of this means that, by the time that used shredder arrives on your office's doorstep, it will already be on its last legs.

Plus, you have absolutely no way of knowing what exactly the previous owner was shredding. If they jammed it full of staples, paperclips, or even other materials like cardboard, you can bet that it's not going to be in great shapes when it arrives.

Jamming these materials into a shredder leads to a chipped cutting head, which means you'll either have to spend more to replace the part or buy a new shredder altogether.

Not only that, but a used shredder that hasn't been taken care of by a previous owner can constitute a serious safety issue. In fact, there have been instances of old, poorly-treated paper shredders catching on fire.

The absolute last thing you want to do is put yourself, your employees, and your clients at risk just because you wanted to save a few bucks.

The Shredder Head Will Be Dull

One of the main reasons why it just makes more sense to buy a new shredder instead of going with an old one?

When you buy a used product, it's shredder head will be incredibly dull.

First of all, this means that you won't be able to shred as many pieces of paper at once. So, that quick end-of-the-day shredding job you left until the last minute?

Well, it could end up taking a lot longer than you expected.

But time isn't the only thing you need to consider here.

After all, the whole reason most people buy paper shredders is because they want to protect their personal information. They're also often contractually obligated to protect the personal information of their clients.

But when you're working with an old, dull shredder head, the size of your paper shreds will be seriously impacted by a low-quality, worn-down blade.

This means that criminals and other unsavory types can go through your office's trash and fairly easily piece together important, sensitive information.

Don't believe us?

It happens all the time.

Buying a new shredder helps you to maintain a sense of trust and security -- two things that, if compromised, can mean the end of your business or the loss of major clients.

Where Can You Find A New Office Shredder?

So, we've convinced you to buy a new office shredder instead of putting yourself, your productivity, and your clients' personal information at risk.

Now, it's time to find the shredder that's just right for you!

Destroyit Paper Shredders are some of the most reliable, durable, and effective options on the market today. Constructed from German steel, our Cross Cut shredders slice your paper both horizontally and vertically.

They even meet Level 3 and 4 security guidelines, so you can rest easy knowing your information is kept away from prying eyes. Many of our models also come with automatic oilers, protective shields, and automatic start and stop options.

We've also taken several precautions when designing our shredders to guard against overheating. Best of all? Many of our shredders come complete with a lifetime warranty.

Make an investment in your business today. Spend some time on our website, and always feel free to reach out to us, to find the perfect shredder for you.