Why a Shredder is the Best Paper Organizer

Why a Shredder is the Best Paper Organizer

It's easy to let your office get cluttered with paper. Before the paper stacks up, get a paper shredder and understand why it's the best paper organizer.

Any professional organizer will tell you that the real secret to conquering clutter is purging what you no longer use, need, or like.

The problem with that solution is that sometimes, you require additional equipment in order to purge properly. Especially when it comes to purging paperwork.

Whether at home or in the office, your documents often contain sensitive information. If that information got into the wrong hands, it could cause a lot of expensive and stressful problems for you.

One easy and inexpensive solution to conquering paper clutter is by investing in a shredder. Keep reading to learn why a shredder is the best paper organizer you can buy.

This Paper Organizer Saves You Time

Clutter accumulates as a result of several reasons. Most of the time it's because we lost track of what we own and haven't purged what we don't use.

One way to conquer that is by investing in a paper shredder and then setting aside time in your schedule at least once a year to shred all documents that you no longer need to keep.

This way, you're only left with documents you need. As a result, you have less clutter and it's easier to make sure your documents filing system is still working effectively for you.

A Paper Shredder Saves Your Sanity

There probably isn't one person alive who hasn't misplaced an important document they just put down. On average, it can take anywhere from moments to many minutes to find that document.

In the meantime, you're stressed and upset. Using a shredder as your paper organizer allows you to quickly and easily destroy documents you no longer need.

As a result, it's much easier to find documents because there are fewer to look for. One way to keep your desk free from clutter accumulation is to clear it off at the end of each workday.

That way, you walk into your office each morning knowing exactly where everything is but without piles of clutter to distract you.

Organizing Saves You Money

It's rare for someone to go through their documents and not find some money. Many organizers can share stories about clients discovering paper money and even checks worth thousands of dollars.

Mostly because they were so overwhelmed by their paper clutter that they stopped opening mail or just shoved documents where they could. As you go through each document to determine if it's ready for shredding, remember to open up all your mail and go through each document.

You never know when you're accidentally throwing out money.

Sort Everything Immediately

Here is a short video guide to help you sort your papers the easy way.

The only way to make sure you're successfully organizing your paper is to keep your system simple. The more you complicate it, the harder it is to get and stay organized.

As you sort through documents, choose which of three actions you want to take.

1. You can file it away as a document you need to keep for a specific time. Immediately place it in the proper file.

2. You can place it in your To-Do file where an action must be taken within a specific period of time. Usually, bills, documents you need to sign, etc, should be placed in this pile.

3. With the documents you don't need and require no further action, use your shredder as a paper organizer and shred them immediately.

Find Your Shredder

Don't wait until you permanently lose an important document, get your shredder today.

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