Protect Your Documents and Records with an Electric Paper Shredder

Protect Your Documents and Records with an Electric Paper Shredder

Do not risk exposing your company records to third parties or other people who can misuse it. Here is how an electric paper shredder can protect you.

Do you trust employees well enough with private documents? Is your document "processing" nothing more than dumping hard copy in the bin? An electric paper shredder is in order if there's any semblance of doubt answering these questions.

Read on, and learn how to implement a proper document/risk management policy.

The Electric Paper Shredder: The Essential Tool for Document and Risk Management

Our shift to digital documentation ushered the paperless office. Yet, most businesses continue physical document backups. Or, years of documents stored in backroom cabinets leading to unstructured data problems.

Options like cloud backups and third-party data management became a norm. But, these leave your business documents exposed to online data breaches. And, it still fails to address the physical document policy.

Here are a couple of ways to manage documents and risk:


A 'Shred-All' policy dictates shredding outdated documents. Determine a threshold by the document age or client legacy.

For example -- if:

  • A customer is no longer with your business
  • Major revision to business or industry practices

Practicing a shred-all policy removes private documents from the data pool. This stops data problems immediately since they're no longer accessible.

Train employees shredder machine use and best practices. This ensures documents are fully destroyed before further processing. Consider a heavy-duty shredder to handle the workload and/or physical media like CDs.

Limited Access

Mishandling documents is a root cause of data leaks. This typically happens when employees mismanage document filing and security. Or, expose documents to third-parties from flaws in physical access.

Examples include:

  • Employee record theft
  • Physical intrusion
  • Phishing attempts

Shredding documents provides the best solution to limit document access. But, a business should also follow policies restricting access based on priority. This involves limiting access based on roles and job needs.

Limited access also includes keeping shredding services in-house.

Third-party shredding services do offer security and quick processing. But, negligence could expose your business to a security threat. Keeping the process in-house verifies documents are disposed of properly.


Never underestimate the extent others re-piece shredded documents. Or, dumpster dive during off hours looking for juicy documents.

Common disposal problems include:

  • Dumping documents into an open bin
  • Storing trash bags, with documents, in the back
  • Processing trash through residential services
  • Asking employees to dispose of items off-site

Every unneeded document should process through a shredder machine. Then, disposed of separately from common trash. A secured document disposal service should process the remaining items for ultimate security.

What's the Best Shredder? Consider the MBM DestroyIt Brand

The best paper shredder is one both reliable and robust. Your selection at big box retailers hardly handle the tough jobs. This leads to frustration followed by short-cuts and mismanagement leading to improper disposal.

Consider the MBM DestroyIt brand, instead.

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