Paper Shredder Oil: 3 Tips You Didn't Know

Paper Shredder Oil: 3 Tips You Didn't Know

Do you have a personal or commercial paper shredder that you use to dispose of confidential documents?

Paper shredder oil is an important tool in preserving the functionality and quality of your paper shredder.

This simple addition to your office cleaning routine can keep your paper shredder ready for the years to come, and avoid frequent repairs or replacements.

But, it is important to remember a few key tips when using paper shredder oil. These can help you navigate the somewhat complicated world of shredder oil.

Moreover, there are three main reasons to buy shredder oil. Read on below to discover this game-changing liquid.

1. Use Oils for the Right Reasons

There isn't really a wrong reason to use shredder oil. That said, shredder oil will not magically fix a faulty, ancient or an improperly used paper shredder.

One of the key reasons to use oil would be to prevent the collection of paper dust.

Over time, and with hundreds to thousands of documents, a shredder can begin to feel the effect of these.

To prevent the build-up of this dust that can affect the delicate machinery, oil can coat the blades and other components to keep the dust from settling improperly.

Additionally, oil will reduce the number of paper jams that occur in the shredder, as well as prevent blade friction.

Regular use of shredder oil will prolong the life of your shredder for the many years and documents to come.

2. Use Oil at the Right Time

It is important to use shredder oil at the right time in order to benefit the most from it.

Typically, the recommended use of shredder oil is twice per month, or after every thirty minutes of continuous shredding.

Both of these options will preserve the integrity of the shredder, and keep it functioning optimally for the office or home.

3. Use Oil the Right Way

Shredder oil will not help you unless it is used properly. There are two key ways to apply shredder oil to your machine.

The first is the direct method, in which oil is essentially dropped directly into the shredder. After running the machine normally for one minute, you run it in reverse mode for another minute.

The last step would be to run a few sheets of paper through it to ensure that the oil has been properly absorbed.

Another method simply involves using a piece of paper as the application tool. Pour the oil on a sheet of paper in a zip zag manner, and place it into the machine.

The Best Paper Shredder Oil

Are you in search of top-shelf shredder oil to protect and preserve your paper shredder?

At Destroy It Paper Shredders, we only provide the highest quality shredder oil that is perfectly compatible with our effective machines.

The importance of shredder oil to preserve your shredder cannot be overstated, and it should be an integral part of any office routine.

If you are in the market for the perfect shredder for your home or business, check out our post on selecting the best shredder for you.