How to Use a Shredder Lubricant to Maintain Your Shredding Machine

How to Use a Shredder Lubricant to Maintain Your Shredding Machine

Using a shredder lubricant and oil can help improve the performance of your equipment. Here are tips for oiling your paper shredding machine.

In 2017 there were 16.7 million victims of identity fraud.

Becoming a victim of identity fraud can have a severe impact on your finances and your credit score. The consequences can be long-lasting and difficult to overcome.

One of the key ways you can combat identity theft is by shredding documentation. This means it won't end up falling into the wrong hands. But with so much to shred, how can you make sure your shredder stands up to the task?

Read on as we explain how to use a shredder lubricant to keep your shredder in tip-top condition.

Why Should I Oil My Shredder?

It's just shredding paper, right? Why do I even need to oil my shredder?

The first reason is that it will make your shredder last a whole lot longer. A properly maintained shredding machine can keep you shredding for years. But if you don't keep it properly maintained, you'll be forking out for a new model before you know it.

In addition, it will help your shredder shred more efficiently. Once blades get dry, they start to process the paper much more slowly. That means more time for you sat in front of the shredder feeding in paperwork.

And lastly, it will stop it giving out a horrible squeaking sound like a mouse under torture.

How Often Should I Oil My Shredder?

It's not always easy to keep track of when you last put on any shredder oil.

So our tip to save you having to keep track is to oil your shredder every time you empty the bin. That way you'll always have an easy way to remember when to oil it.

It is also recommended to oil your shredder before use if you've not used it for a long time.

But how exactly do you oil a shredder?

Method 1: Use Shredder Lubricant Directly

The most basic method is to use your shredder oil direct from the bottle.

This involves applying oil directly to the blades by dripping it carefully from the shredder lubricant bottle. First off you need to make sure that the shredder is powered off.

Take the shredder oil bottle, and pour a line of shredder lubricant from one side to the other across the whole cutting area, in one fluid motion. Let the shredder run without paper for a minute or two and your shredder is ready to go.

Method 2: Make a Shredder Lubricant Sandwich

It's not quite as tasty as it sounds.

Take two sheets of paper. Draw a cross of shredder lubricant across one of the sheets, from corner to corner. Allow the oil to soak in a little, then put the second sheet of paper on top of the oiled side.

Insert your sandwich into the shredder and let it run. Once it's through, leave the shredder to run for a couple of minutes. Then you're ready to shred.

Method 3: Use a Dedicated Shredder Lubricant Sheet

If you're too lazy to make your own sandwich, you could just buy one.

This is basically the same as method 2, except it involves buying preprepared shredder oil sheets. In the same way, run one through the shredder, let it run for another minute or two and then you're ready to roll.

Make Today a Shred Letter Day

Shredding your personal information is vital in the fight against identity fraud.

Make sure you shred anything that contains your personal information. And make sure you keep your shredding machine well maintained. Then it will keep running like, well, like a well-oiled machine.

If you want to know more about shredder lubricant, or the whole world of shredders in general, then please do get in touch.